Arabesque - Debussy. For orchestra

Intermezzo - Brahms. For string quartet.

La Desinvulture et la Discretion - For string quartet



A City Idyll - for wind trio. Commissioned by The Bath Festival.

Architechture I, for vibraphone, harp, harpsichord, and vocal ensemble

Ambient Remixes, for string quartet and electronics


Ask Me Nothing - Iza's Story, dir. Ralitza Petrova, commissioned by The Millennium Commission


Structure I, for orchestra

Structure II, for orchestra

Weights and Measures, for orchestra

Thirty-Three, for string orchestra and tape


solo piano

In Deep Space

Planes of Equation

solo albums/ep's

Our Lady of Stars -  album, Nova/Universal, Nominated by BASCA for a British Composer Award.

He Shall Cover Me - EP

Cover Me - EP

Swansongs - EP

Death of a Soundwave - EP

Pawnography - EP, from the play 'Pawnography', commissioned by The Rose Theatre, Southbank & winner of The Fringe Award for Best Play.

Fools, Death, and Wolves - EP, [as Lyrebird]

In Idyll - EP


sound design

Prancing With the Stars (click here for footage of preliminary video play)

Doctrine - winner of the Innovation in Design award, Global Game Jam (two controllers needed to play this computer game)

string quartet

Fire and Gold - for string quartet, commissioned by SHRA Ensemble.


Ask Me Nothing - for voice and harp. Commissioned by the Millennium Commission.

Echoes Travelling, text setting of Sylvia Plath, for mezzo-soprano and piano

Four Songs - text-setting of e.e.cummings and Mihai Eminescu, for tenor, clarinet, 'cello and piano. Commissioned by The Landon Chamber Ensemble. Finalist in the Philip Bates Prize.

Hannah - for three-part voice. Commissioned by Juice Vocal Ensemble

Pawnography - for voices, piano, prepared piano, and shruti. Commissioned by The Rose Theatre, Southbank. Winner of The Fringe Award for Best Play.

When You Are Silent, text setting of e.e.cummings, for solo voice



Books of Hours / Books of Changes - poetry & illustration, Lazy Gramophone Press



Cantometrics and Commercial Culture, tIMR Journal

Inextricable Links, 'Poetry and Opera', Agenda Poetry Journal

Fado and the Search for Authenticity, Lazy Gramophone Press/tIMR



Our Lady of Stars, Oxford Culture Review

My Five ThingsLazy Gramophone Press



Whitney: Can I Be Me?, review, dir. Nick Broomfield, London Jazz News

Junun, review, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, London Jazz News

Refuge of the Roads (part II)London Jazz News

Refuge of the Roads (part I), Celebrating 40 years of Joni Mitchell's 'Hejira', London Jazz News

The Untold Story of Music Teaching, The Guardian

The New Music Industry, (five-part series), The Guardian

Music from Malta, The Wire

The Rise of the Independent, Lazy Gramophone PressMusic Think Tank



Bad Dates, compRhodri Marsden, Simon & Schuster



Ocean, poem,  'Poetry and Opera', Agenda Poetry Journal & 'Time', Lazy Gramophone Press

Bone Ritual, poem, 'Poetry and Opera', Agenda Poetry Journal & 'Time', Lazy Gramophone Press

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Cities, poem, 'Surroundings', Lazy Gramophone Press

Fissures, poem, Lazy Gramophone Press

An Alibi, poem, 'Under the Influence', Lazy Gramophone Press


short story

Aduviri and the Coat of Seven Continents, 'The Book of Apertures', Lazy Gramophone Press


The Improvised Music Agenda, podcast/interview with composer & bassist Huw V Williams

Poet in the City, interview, subject: poetry and lyrics

London Live TV, interview, subject: poetry and lyrics festival, Kings Place

The Opera Hour, interview & live performance, Resonance FM, subject: Our Lady of Stars preview & live solo performance, with Richard Scott. 

The Opera Hour, panel with Patricia McCarthy, Eva Salzman, and Timothy Ades. Chaired by Richard Scott.

Creative Journeys: Artists Share their Insights, panel with Bill Atchison, James Webber, & Rachel Raynes. Chaired by Guy Armitage.

Much of this work took place as a cause of the generous grants offered by the following, to whom sincere thanks is given: Arts Council England; The Royal Society of Musicians; The Millennium Commission; The Corporation & City of London; Help Musicians UK Creative Development team; the Santander Travel Award; Oppenheim Downes-Jones Trust; The Felicity Belfield Trust; Funds for Women Graduates; The Yorkshire Ladies Council of Education; & the Goldsmiths Scholarship.