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Refuge of the Roads Premiere

I am happy to announce that after my rather lengthy hiatus, my project Refuge of the Roads: re-imagining Joni MItchell's 'Hejira' was premiered at The North Wall, Oxford, for Oxford Contemporary Music in April of this year.

Photo by Polly Nuttgens, OCM

Photo by Polly Nuttgens, OCM

BBC3's Max Reinheardt put in an unexpected appearance in the audience, and then kindly tweeted the following:

"Totally lush event #Hejira #Joni Sorana singing to make the heart soar, storytelling which took you there, such a great band, Bruno Heinen, Calum Gourlay, Joe Wright, Riccardo Chiaberta, last Friday at OCM & The North Wall Arts Centre brought the spring to the w/e"

The venue for the London date was  Pizza Express, Dean Street, and I must say, even though I spend a lot of time in Oxford, it was wonderful to play on home turf.

Photos by Nicki Heinen, Elen Wright & Dr. R. Lefever

Improvised Music Agenda Podcast | New Song

I feel privileged to have been invited to feature on bassist Huw V Williams' podcast, The Improvised Music Agenda, which you can find and listen to here.

While I was there we also played through some of the new material I've been working on in this hiatus. Here's a video of Huw effortlessly and beautifully adding his skill to one of my new songs, NGC45: 

There are also a few other things in the pipeline - a new album & offshoot EP (fingers crossed), an invitation to publish some of my work on Joni Mitchell with Agenda Poetry Journal again, an idea for a blog series I'm quite excited about that, and a possible stint abroad... fingers crossed. More on them soon as they get confirmed x Sorana x

p.s. and finally... eight years ago this month...

... Christopher Lane and I were putting the finishing touches to the music for Tracy Keeling's groundbreaking and award-winning play Pawnography for The Rose Theatre, Southbank. I recall writing I. You. Us on the bus on a scarp of paper and remind myself that I don't need to 'be' anywhere specific to compose.

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